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Product Overview

The ALLN-1™ (Multiple Patents Pending) fitness bench is an effective solution for the numerous uphill challenges associated with reaching a fitness goal. We strived to keep the cost low and value high by making it versatile and reusable, all the while trying to avoid making it intimidating complex like a lot of commercial gym equipment, and non-effective like most many home fitness products.

Win $5,000 in our Fitness CONSISTENCY Challenge by working out from the comfort of your home! Yes, you read that right. Our philosophy is that once you’re able to consistently focus on a fitness goal you can achieve anything--later. So grand prize winners will be selected based on the number of scheduled sessions attended, not how you look at the end of the contest, or the amount of weight you lose. Workouts can be done from your home, or wherever you can join our LIVE online training sessions with The Fitness Specialist, Al Smith, Jr. in his virtual training studio.

The ALLN-1 exercise bench is the product of over 30 years of personal training and first-hand fitness experience.

Any fitness professional that has been involved in fitness training for more than 30 years will tell you that your workout doesn’t have to be painful and hard to be effective. In fact, your ultimate training goal should be to train with targeted-intensity, so that you can train hard without injury. But, most consumers don’t understand this because they're too focused on “training an exercise” instead of “training the muscle” (which also results in them having a limited view of other effective training options available to them).

At TrainChange Fitness, however, we’ve always subscribed to a minimalist philosophy of focsing on achieving maximum results with the least amount of effort. And that minimalist philosophy is what drove the design of our new ALLN-1 exercise bench from the ground up.

That said, the ALLN-1 is ideally suited for individucals that:

      1. Are in the Beginner to Intermediate fitness range.
      2. Find it difficult to engage in some type of progressive resistance training at least 5 days a week, CONSISTENTLY.

In addition to your bodyweight you can use free weights, resistance bands, suspension bands, climbing rope and our ALLN-1 Training Extension Bars to intensify your workout.

With these additional options (plus more currently in development) the ALLN-1 allows you to even perform advanced workouts that are challenging and yet safe. The functional versatility combined with the benefits of doing an intense workout will keep you mentally engaged, and constantly wanting to surprise yourself by finding what new performance feats you can reach.

Hip thrusters are not a new exercise by any means. This physical therapy movement, often referred to as pelvic bridges, was recently incorporated into popular workout routines as an effective way to work your glutes to get a tight and toned derriere with maximum impact. However, studies suggest that improper form and using too much weight while doing hip thrusters could damage the lower back and pelvic area. But we knew there was a better way to peform this exercise, and that’s how the ALLN-1™ came into being.

It started from a need to develop a solution that allowed users to easily setup and get into hip thrusting position, safely; without losing the benefits derived from the awkward position of the exercise. And now you have it!

                  Stored Position

The ALLN-1 exercise bench is uniquely designed so that it can be folded over at its apex, making it less than 3 1/2 inches high and 55 inches long so that it can be stored totally flat under any bed or upright in a closet.

ALLN-1 Purchase ALLN-1 Purchase

If you join the challenge and make your purchase before November 28, 2016 you can purchase the ALLN-1 Fitness Consistency Challenge Package which includes:

    • A limited Signature Edition ALLN-1 exercise bench
    • 48 Group Training Classes ($1000 Value)
    • 1 One-on-One 30 Minute Fitness Consultation with Al Smith ($100 Value)
    • Complete Set of Resistance Bands, Accessories, Barbell and Travel Bag ($100 Value)
    • Official Hardcopy TrainChange: Fat Loss Book ($25 Value)
    • Exclusive: ALLN-1 T-Shirt from your 2017 Competition!


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New Exercise Routines Added Each Month

Our goal is to deliver the best level of service to our customers. The unique design of the ALLN-1™ fitness bench allows us to provide you with the most effective online training routines that you can do at home.

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